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A hassle-free move is possible.

A move can be:

  • complicated
  • time consuming
  • unpleasant

But when you call upon a qualified and meticulous team such as DEL’s, a move is:

  • simple
  • fast
  • pleasant

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Checklist for your move

Moves can be stressful and worrisome. To make this transition period pleasant, it is very important to plan everything well and to have the support of a qualified and experienced team of professionals.

The DEL team prepared a checklist to help you organize your next move:

1. A few months before the move

If you are renting, do not wait till the last minute to terminate your lease. Send a letter (of intent) and ask for an acknowledgement of receipt.

If you own a condo, you must warn the condominium syndicate and ask to close the accounts.

If you have children, it is strongly recommended to make prior research and verifications regarding the nearby daycare and school capacity to avoid any surprises once the move is made.

Then, start the process and ask different moving companies for quotes.

2. A few weeks before the move

If this has not already been done, start packing your boxes and sorting through your personal belongings.

Finally, you must confirm a date and time for the move with the moving company you selected.

3. A week before D day

If your new home does not have parking, make sure the moving trucks can park somewhere. A permit sometimes has to be issued (for example, in certain areas of Montreal). In case of doubt, ask your city or municipality.

Start emptying the fridge and if you have a freezer, start the thawing process.

Finalize your boxes and collect all the documents you will need on moving day.

Make sure to jot down the time at which the movers will come and to have left them your contact information if ever they need to contact you.

4. Moving day

Know that when you call on DEL Déménagement Entreposage et Livraison, our team handles everything including handling, transportation and truck loading and unloading. You just need to supervise everything and make sure someone is at your new address to let the movers in.

5. A few days after the move

Once the move is made, it is time to set up your new space.

It is also important to let the various institutions (ex : SAAQ, health insurance, Revenu Québec, bank, etc.) know your new address.

Live in Quebec? Keep your address current with several ministries and organizations at this address

What makes the price of a move vary

As you may know, many factors can explain why the price of a move is not a set price.

Here are a few things that can make the price of a move vary:

  • Time of year (high or low season)
  • Distance to travel between the departure and arrival site
  • Number of trucks needed
  • Weight and number of boxes
  • Business you deal with!
  • Package selected (transportation, packing, disassembly, etc.)

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Moving with the DEL team

Here is a summary table to better understand the services that can be included when you call on DEL Déménagement Entreposage et Livraison.

The price of your move will depend on the options you choose to include or exclude from your package.

Options Offered



Loading - transport and delivery

Sale of packaging

Furniture protected (under covers) -Mattresses and bedsteads with protective cover

Clothes put away in wardrobe

Conditioning of paintings and mirrors

Packing and unpacking of fragile items (dishes, glassware, trinkets, etc.)

Dismantling and reassembling of furniture not fixed to the walls

Plugging, re-plugging of household appliances

Packing of non-fragile objects (linen, books, etc.)

Unpacking non-fragile objects (linen, books, etc.)

Disassembly, reassembly of the furniture fixed on the wall

Removal, installation of objects fixed to walls and ceilings

We take good care of your belongings!

We store your belongings in the best conditions.

We can move your belongings throughout Canada and beyond!